Jason Lavoie

My name is Jason Lavoie, I'm a 3D Environment Artist currently working at Digital Extremes – www.JasonLavoie.net

Crunch Cast


I just wanted to spread the love and pimp out The Crunch Cast, which is hosted by Chris Holden and talented co-hosts (such as Jon Jones, Bryan McConnell, Jesse Sosa and more). This is a great podcast to listen to since these guys have a lot of insight when it comes to the games industry.

Check it out – http://crunchstudios.com/

– Jay


Updated my Portfolio Website

Just wanted to say I’ve given my portfolio a face lift, and added some pieces of work I did for The Darkness 2. Head over to – www.JasonLavoie.net to check it out.

I have a couple more pieces from other projects that I’ll put up when I can, both were super fun to be apart of.

Also, make sure you check out a couple of very talented artists that I got the opportunity to work with:

That’s all for now,

– Jay

Hello World!

Hey all, this is just a quick post to get this “blog” back up and running.

I’ll be using this to show work in progress, as well as (hopefully) talk about game development, share some awesome links (usually from polycount) and whatever else comes to mind.

I’ll be posting up some things soon, so keep an eye out.

Until then,

– Jay